Impronta leggera | Esposizione Valeria Cornelio

Light footprint | Exhibition Valeria Cornelio

Until the end of June, Valeria Cornelio's works from the series dedicated to lightness will be in Milan. An invitation to reflect on the fragility of nature through his light art, which dialogues with the landscape. From WMilano in via Washington 51.

Valeria Cornelio is an eclectic artist who finds inspiration in nature and animals. His works, such as the charming bees and elegant flocks, convey the beauty and harmony of wild life. But there's more: Valeria has embraced the concept of transparency and lightness in her most recent creations.

His latest works are made on organza or tarlatana, impalpable and transparent materials, which allows the subject of the painting to interact with the background.

This artistic choice creates a breathtaking visual effect, in which the lightness of the shapes mixes with the texture of the fabric. It is a unique aesthetic experience, where details come to life and blend harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

But for Valeria lightness goes beyond the visual aspect. It is a concept that also encompasses environmental and social impact. His works are an invitation to reflect on the fragility of nature and the importance of preserving it. Valeria uses sustainable materials and promotes responsible artistic practices, demonstrating that art can be a means to raise awareness and inspire positive change.

Through her art, Valeria Cornelio invites us to immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature, to reflect on our connection with it and to promote lightness in our daily lives. His works give us an ethereal vision and a sense of wonder, reminding us that beauty and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

works by Valeria Cornelio hanging in the middle of the WMilano store

But there is a fixed point that pervades all of Valeria Cornelio's poetics: leaving a light imprint on the Earth.

Lightness, for her, takes on a profound meaning, which goes beyond the visual aspect. It is an invitation to live in harmony with nature and adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

Through her art, Valeria reminds us that every action has an impact, and encourages us to consider our daily choices. By using eco-sustainable materials and embracing creative practices that reduce environmental impact, Valeria demonstrates that art can be a catalyst for change.

But for Valeria lightness is not limited only to environmental impact. It is also a reminder of the emotional impact of his works. His creations evoke a feeling of lightness and freedom, transmitting a message of joy and serenity. Through the transparency of the materials and the lightness of the shapes, Valeria invites us to let ourselves go and perceive the beauty that surrounds us.

work by Valeria Cornelio hanging which dialogues with the background thanks to its transparencywork by Valeria Cornelio through which the entrance to Milan can be seen

Lightness in Valeria Cornelio's poetics is therefore a concept intrinsically linked to the aesthetic, ethical and emotional aspect.

It is an invitation to contemplate nature, to reflect on our role in the world and to seek balance between our existence and the environment around us. His works push us to consider how we can leave a light footprint on the Earth and help preserve its beauty for future generations.

Exhibition from WMilano

Until the end of June, the works dedicated to the lightness of Valeria Cornelio will be exhibited at WMilano, a craftsmanship, furniture, design and vintage store in via Washington 51, in Milan.

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