Our aim is to become a reference point for artists and artisans who want to access digital market. A virtual showcase, where more and more creatives exhibit their works, made with talent and above all passion.

ZamaLabz is a shop of unique works and products,
that tell the inspiration and the story of their creators.

It is not easy for artists and artisans to make themselves known online.
Selling and promoting themselves on ​​the web has become essential for those who want to live thanks to their talent. But for many creatives it's not that simple.

Photographing and narrating all the creations, cataloging products, thinking about shipments, publishing and promoting own brand on social media ... all necessary actions, but that a creative soul often struggles to tackle alone.

ZamaLabz e-commerce was created for this, to help creativity make its way on the web.

We were tired of purchases and gifts that were all alike, of products made with the sole purpose of maximizing profits, and therefore inevitably poor.
We wanted a platform where we could find quality, beautiful and unique products. To give us something special and to give it to those we love.

We wanted a platform that wasn't there. So we created it.