Intervista a Federica, artigiana fondatrice di FBKini

Interview with Federica, artisan founder of FBKini

Interview with Federica, artisan creator of FBKini. Find out how her brand was born and the various steps that led her to create unique bags, tops and bikinis.
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How did you start your craft business?

"Actually, it was a bit of a random journey. I started receiving positive feedback from friends who saw my products , which I initially created just for myself and my family. This pushed me to consider the possibility of sell them."

How did you learn to do this job?

"Since I was little, I have always loved manual activities, particularly those that use yarn, fabric, beads and so on. I learned the techniques from my grandmother, who was a seamstress, and from my mother, who taught me the basics of knitting, crochet and embroidery. Over time, I continued to perfect my skills independently and experiment with new techniques to create objects and artefacts such as bags, clothes and accessories."

When did you realize you wanted to become an artisan?

"There was no specific moment in which I made this decision, it was a gradual evolution that developed over the last two years. With more time available to dedicate myself to my passion, I was able to apply my skills in a more structured to create quality products .

My brand was born when I finally found the opportunity to turn my passion into a real business. Various personal and family circumstances prevented it from being realized until recently."

What techniques do you use to create your accessories?

"I mainly crochet, which I then combine with hand or machine sewing for the final packaging.

As regards materials, I experiment with different types of selected yarns that have specific physical and technical characteristics, such as colour, resistance, thickness and versatility. I prefer to use synthetic yarns that are perfectly suited to making my products, ensuring the durability and resistance needed to create quality products."

red and black FBKini bags

How do you organize your time? Do you have any creative process that you are most fond of?

"The management of production and my time takes place through the creation of basic models, which can be customized and made to order. Since they are artisanal products, I use every moment of the day to work on the production, as well as dedicating time to studying the techniques and to experiment with new models and ideas.

I don't have a standard creative process, but I am inspired by the desire to evolve, to change and improve my products. My creations can arise from a specific idea that I want to realize or from a particular technique that I want to apply to a specific artefact."

Where do you find inspiration for your designs? What makes them unique?

"One of the challenges I face in my work as an artisan is constantly finding new ideas and patterns to create. I overcome this challenge by seeking inspiration from already made products or from elements completely different from my techniques and products.

My models stand out for the technique used and its application. They are unique pieces and different from others on the market. I think this feature is what makes our products unique compared to those of other artisans or artists."

brown green and ocher fbkini top wornfbkini top worn blue and light blue tones

What plans do you have for the future of FBKini? And who are your bags and garments designed for?

"As for the future, my goal is to expand the market through different sales channels. I will continue to create unique and quality products, always trying to satisfy the requests and tastes of my customers.

I hope my products can bring joy and satisfaction to those who purchase them. I don't think they directly influence people's lives, but I hope they can offer a touch of originality and uniqueness in their daily lives.

My products are suitable for anyone, especially the bags are very versatile and can appeal to different people. I believe anyone looking for unique, handmade products might find something special among my creations."

Do you also accept customized orders? Where can we find your models?

"I am always open to customized orders, trying to respect customer requests in terms of timing and specifications. I like doing it because it allows me to organize myself better with production and to better satisfy the needs of my customers.

My products can be found on Instagram, in stores like Torno Subito and in markets. I try to ensure the sustainability of my business by using every last material and, when possible, also recycling.

Both the creation of one-offs and limited series are part of my creative process. This choice derives from the very essence of craftsmanship, which offers the possibility of creating unique and personalized products, but also of satisfying the demand for production on a larger scale.

I hope that my art and products can bring a sense of authenticity and originality into the lives of the people who purchase them. I would like them to feel special by wearing a unique bikini or top, or carrying a handcrafted bag that represents my style and passion."

fbkini bikinis worn

Do you have any of your creations that make you most proud?

I'm proud of all my work, but if I had to choose one, I'd say bikinis and tops are some of my favorites. I find them particular and almost unique in their kind, as they require particular attention in the choice of yarn and processing to obtain a comfortable and high-quality result.

I thank everyone who has supported and appreciated my work so far, and I invite anyone interested to take a look at my products on my website or on my online sales channels. I hope my creations can bring a little joy and originality into people's lives."

This was the interview with Federica, artisan and founder of the FBKini brand. Her passion for crochet and her skills in creating unique bags, bikinis and tops come together to offer quality and original products.

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