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The creation on unique jewelry: a dialogue with Mikky Eger

Discover Mikky Eger's journey, from the universe of fashion to the art of goldsmithing. Through his artisanal technique and an inspiration rooted in nature

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mikky Eger, a renowned goldsmith and jewelry designer. Mikky shares his passion for creating unique jewelry with us and tells the story of his extraordinary artistic journey. Let's discover how he embarked on his adventure in the world of art and how his inspiration from nature translates into jewelry that tells unique stories.

The Journey Begins: From the Fashion World to Goldsmithing

Mikky started his creative journey in the world of fashion by creating a personal collection. He worked in merchandising for prestigious brands such as Swatch and devoted himself to creating window displays. His passion for craftsmanship and innate creativity led him toward the art of goldsmithing. It was in Turkey that he had a revelation, admiring artisanal jewelry that ignited his thirst for learning. From there, he decided to master this fascinating art.

Handcrafting: The Art of the Goldsmith

Mikky creates his jewelry entirely by hand, predominantly using 925 silver with gold accents and precious or semi-precious gemstones. He stands out for the goldsmithing technique he employs, where the object takes shape from sheets or wires of metal rather than wax. Nature is his primary muse, but the shapes he creates are often reinterpreted in a surreal manner. His creations stem from nocturnal inspirations and dreams, where jewelry shapes come to life.

Values and Uniqueness: Mikky Eger's Philosophy

At the heart of Mikky's work are three fundamental values: originality, attention to detail, and a touch of madness. What sets him apart from other artisans is his complete aversion to replication. His works are recognizable for their strong personality and uniqueness. Mikky focuses on creating jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else, making each piece a testament to creativity.

Inspiring Art: The Power of Mikky Eger's Jewelry

Mikky's work reflects the unique and original beauty he aims to bring into the lives of those who wear his jewelry. Each piece is designed to make every woman feel special, beautiful, and empowered. His creations are intended for women aged 30 and above who desire unique and distinctive products to wear with pride.

The Future of Mikky Eger's Craftsmanship

Mikky looks forward to continuing to experiment with new techniques and materials while maintaining his commitment to originality. His vision is to keep creating unique jewelry, inspiring those who wear them to embrace the beauty and strength of their individuality.

Mikky Eger is a craftsman with a passion for creating unique jewelry that tells stories and inspires beauty. His philosophy and dedication to originality shine through in every creation, making his jewelry unique works of art. His art continues to inspire and captivate, demonstrating the power of creativity and craftsmanship in the contemporary world.

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