Ingrid Mair Zischg che lavora sulla ceramica


Ingrid Mair Zischg

His work is guided by an intimate propensity for the archaic, magical, ritual universe. From this, a predilection for the mythology of femininity understood as a creative force, as life that continually reproduces itself, emerges forcefully in her works. The spiral, the triangle, the sphere are, not surprisingly, his recurring themes.

Ceramic jewelry

"...first they are differently colored clays, mixed, cut, stratified, crushed. They form vortices, spirals, chromatic swirls.

Often embellished with pure gold, the fragments intended for decoration become jewels. They appear elegant, complemented by silks, natural threads, secure attachments..."

...they escape from the fingers because they always tend to become something else:

vases, sculptures, decorative elements, paintings, small spheres, saucers

and leftovers, teaspoons.

What seems full is empty, what doesn't stand is hung.

The small objects, in embryo, sculptures, are technical, archetypal, symbolic research...