Call to action o CTA: cosa sono e come usarle

Call to action or CTA: what they are and how to use them

CTAs are fundamental elements in the world of digital marketing and play a crucial role in guiding users towards a certain action, such as purchasing a product, registering for an event or sharing content.

Your professional Instagram profile has been set up, you have posted quality photos and you make sure to post regularly. But there's a problem: your followers don't interact with you and don't buy your works. In this case, knowing how to write an effective call to action can help you!

What is a Call To Action?

The call to action is nothing more than an invitation to carry out an action. It can invite you to leave a comment under a post, or to visit a website. It may seem like a small thing, but if you use it correctly you can engage your followers much more… and maybe even sell more!

But let's start from the beginning; the call to action is not something unique, but a part of the text that is usually placed at the end of the post. You can leave what you write to your creativity, or you can start with more standard sentences. The classic "leave a comment" or "visit the site to find out more" are already quite good.

What you need to keep in mind when designing your call to action is the context of the post you will make. Is it an Instagram post asking for an opinion on a creative process you use? Then encourage followers to leave comments. Do you want to announce a new series of items that you have put up for sale? Push people to visit your site or any other digital place where you showcase your products.

The important thing, as in everything related to social media, is that your call to action follows a strategy.

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What are CTAs for and why are they so important

You're probably wondering why they're so important or you don't think they're necessary yet, but what seem like very simple questions or invitations have a very important function.

Just imagine: a person is scrolling through their Instagram feed, browsing here and there without a specific purpose. At a certain point he encounters one of our contents that catches his attention and he decides to stop scrolling and read the caption, to discover something more.

At this point our content will have a handful of seconds of attention before the person scrolls again, a few sentences to convince them to follow us or comment or visit our site and everything else.

Our CTA, after an eye-catching caption, will have the task of indicating in a simple and precise way what we would like the next step to be for the person.

Does the strategy make calls to action effective?

The answer is yes: having a strategy allows you to make your calls to action much more effective. Let's take a practical example: the week is coming to an end and you are analyzing the performance of your page. You published 3 posts and 3 stories, but none of them made people click on your links. How can you resolve this?

Let's start with the posts. Instagram doesn't allow you to publish links directly in posts, which is why many get around the problem with a classic "click the link in bio". You can start by adding similar text at the end of the caption. If you want to take it a step further, you can add text to your photo using a program like Canva, inviting users to follow the link.

As for stories, if you want people to click on the links you add, you have to follow a schedule and not immediately click the button on the first story. An example? Start by posting a story with a photo of you at work, to stimulate the curiosity of those who follow you. After an hour, upload a photo of your finished product, asking people what they think. Finally, publish a third story in which you invite your audience to visit your online catalog by posting a link that takes them directly there.

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So I just have to invite people?

Not only. A call to action is an invitation to act, but as you will have understood from the examples above, it must be constructed carefully. If you just ask people to do something, you won't get their interest.

If instead you give them something that stimulates their curiosity, suggesting that by following your call to action they could achieve much more, then you will be much more successful.

Like all things Instagram, it's more complicated than it seems. You have to do trial and error to find the right and most suitable formula, but once found, public involvement will be much higher!

If you are still looking for your formula, or if you struggle to make the one you already use efficient, you can contact me for a consultation. I will help you build texts, images and editorial plans that will significantly improve your page!

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Do you already know how to write effective calls to action but are you having trouble managing all your links on Instagram? There are apps and platforms made precisely for this, we will talk about them soon in an article that will delve deeper into Linktree, Zaapbio and other software created exactly for this!
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