email marketing: valorizza il tuo lavoro con messaggi mirati
Email Marketing

Email Marketing: how to enhance your talent through emails

Discover the power of email marketing: from the basics to automations and customer journeys, send your audience the right message at the right time.
Buyer persona: come identificare i tuoi clienti ideali
guide e consigli

The benefits of creating buyer personas for artists and artisans: understanding your target audience for the success of your work

What are buyer personas and how they can help you improve your business. At the end also a small checklist to create your first Buyer Persona!
Cos'è la SEO e come può aiutarti per la tua attività
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SEO: everything you need to know to optimize your presence on search engines

A brief overview of SEO: what exactly is Search Engine Optimization and how can it benefit your business?
Analisi dei competitor: perché è importante e come farla

Competitor analysis: why it is important and how to do it

When working in the arts or crafts sector, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your market and competitors. Doing a competitor analysis will help you identify your competition's streng...
Meta vs Instagram: quale strumento usare per la pubblicità?

Meta vs Instagram: which advertising tool?

Which ad management tool should you use: Meta's ad manager (Facebook Ads Manager) or Instagram's built-in manager? In this guide, we will compare the two tools, highlighting the differences, advant...
Call to action o CTA: cosa sono e come usarle
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Call to action or CTA: what they are and how to use them

CTAs are fundamental elements in the world of digital marketing and play a crucial role in guiding users towards a certain action, such as purchasing a product, registering for an event or sharing ...
Analisi SWOT per artisti e artigiani: uno strumento essenziale per la pianificazione strategica

SWOT Analysis for Artists and Craftsmen: An Essential Tool for Strategic Planning

SWOT analysis is a widely used tool in the business field to evaluate an organization's position relative to its competitors and its surrounding environment. However, even for artists and craftspeo...
Guida all'ottimizzazione del profilo Instagram.
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Instagram profile optimization guide.

Instagram has become an essential tool for artists and craftspeople looking to promote their work and reach a wider audience. But how to make your Instagram profile more effective and attract users...
Glossario dei termini comuni nel Digitale e sui Social Media: cosa significano e come utilizzarli
Glossario digitale

Glossary of common terms in Digital and Social Media: what they mean and how to use them

In this article, we present a glossary of common digital and social media terms, explaining what they mean and how they can be used to improve your online presence and digital marketing strategy.