Come e perché creare una scheda Google Maps per la propria attività artistica o artigianale

How and why to create a Google Maps listing for your arts or crafts business

The Zavazan Web Agency explains the importance of some Google tools for artists and craftsmen. Having a Google my Business account and Google Maps is quite simple and very important, especially for small shops, ateliers and workshops. They are two free but powerful tools, find out how to show your business to Google!

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For a person who carries out an artisanal job, the point of reference for the work and for the sale is often his own atelier. This is why it is important to know how to enhance it with a well-maintained profile on Google Maps: that's where most of your sales and events will take place!

But why the Google Maps tab? What's so special about it?

Let's start with an interesting fact: according to various researches, about 72% of people are more inclined to make a purchase if they can see a well-maintained profile on Google Maps with positive reviews.

This is because Google Maps has a very physical dimension: it's like an extension of your shop window. A showcase that people can also go to physically visit, asking the platform to give them directions to your shop.

For these reasons, a well-studied strategy on Google Maps is a great way to grow locally, making yourself known by people who may decide to come and visit your atelier to buy one of your works. But let's see what you can do to achieve this result!

Create a Google My Business account

The first step in promoting your studio on Google Maps is to create a Google My Business account. Learning to use it is very simple and registering is very easy: just create a Google account and then access the tools that you will have at your disposal for free.

Google My Business allows you to manage your business's online presence, including that on Google Maps. Here you will need to add information about your atelier, such as address, telephone number, and opening hours. Remember that the more detailed they are, the more you will inspire people's trust!

You will also need to be careful to update the timetables regularly: if one day you are closed, remember to change the timetable to avoid making your customers have an empty journey!

Verify your business: here's how

Once you've created your Google My Business account, you'll need to verify your business. Verification allows you to prove that you are the owner or representative of your studio. You can verify your business by post, phone or email. Once verified, your studio will appear on the Google Maps map.

Attention: when you register, you may find that your business is already present on the platform. This doesn't mean that it's verified (nor that someone has stolen your store, don't worry!) but only that Google has independently created a card, using the data it collects over the internet. If such a situation arises, remember that you need to claim ownership of your business in order to access it!

Optimize your Google My Business listing

Your Google My Business listing is the entry point for clients searching for your firm on Google Maps, so make sure you optimize your listing! To maximize the visibility of your studio, remember to use good quality text and images.

For copy, use relevant keywords in your studio description and information about the services you offer. Remember to go straight to the point: don't get lost in long or random descriptions, but make it clear immediately what you are doing.

For example, if you sell your works in your studio, you could start directly with a "sale of handcrafted and unique sculptures, made ..."

On images, however, keep a few things in mind before posting them. Make sure the quality is good: no smudges on the lens, no objects cut out of the frame, always a good level of light.

The images you post should showcase the fruits of your labor, but can also be used more creatively. For example, you can use them to tell your creative process, or post photos following holidays and national days to show life in your atelier.

And if you have your own logo, you could include it in the photos, in a corner. This will make your brand more visible and protect you from any "misappropriation".

Work on reviews.

But how to do it, you may be wondering. And you're right, reviews don't depend on you, but on your customers. However, there are some tricks to turn the tide in your favor.

Customer reviews are important for your business visibility on Google Maps. They can help improve your ranking in search results and attract new customers.

A first step is to reach out to your friends and old clients and ask them if they want to review your studio on Google. Remember to be polite and not to be pushy: you could get them to review you, but in a negative way!

Second, use the Google Maps reviews form. With a simple button, you can send a link to your customers via Whatsapp. By following the link, they will go directly to the reviews section of your business and will be able to tell everyone how great your work is!

Another trick is to use a QR code. You can generate it by entering the URL of your Google listing into one of the many free generators you can find on the internet.

Once the QR code has been created, print it and put it in plain sight, perhaps near the cash desk or in your shop window: in this way, people will be able to frame it with the camera and review your business.

Share updates, offers and promotions

You can do a lot on Google Maps. You can create a catalog with your products for sale, allowing customers to buy directly from there (this is also a great strategy to start understanding if it's a good idea for you to open an e-commerce).

You can also share updates of all kinds, for example about the sales season or the arrival of new works. All updates will show up on your Google listing, and if they're posted strategically, they'll make people want to come visit and take advantage of them.

Ok, so that's all it ends here?

Not at all. Google My Business and Google Maps are two very powerful tools, but which are little used or understood. There are tons of features that you can put to good use, and part of growing up is also experimenting with them.

If you're looking for inspiration to relaunch your profile on Google, you could take a look at what your competitors are doing to understand where to start, or you can connect with a digital consultant for professional assistance.

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