Scopri Christine Moreau e la nuova vetrina di ZamaLabz

Discover Christine Moreau and the new ZamaLabz showcase

Meet Christine Moreau, a stylist-artist who creates wearable art. From February 23rd to 25th in the atelier in Corso Como 8 in Milan you can find his exclusive items at discounted prices.

The Tornosubito & Ester atelier will host the physical showcase of ZamaLabz! Our catalog of unique pieces, now also live.

The unique pieces of our craftsmen, now also live

In the Tornosubito & Ester atelier you can always find unique creations by many different craftsmen and artists . The increasingly dense network of collaborations has led us to propose this space as a physical reference point for the works and products of ZamaLabz.

In their atelier in Corso Como 8 in Milan you can find a constantly updated selection of the unique products of our craftsmen.

You can also get help and advice in discovering all the creatives and creations on our online platform.

We begin with the Christine Moreau event. Let's discover his unique garments

To inaugurate this initiative, we introduce you to Christine. A stylist-artist who creates works of art to wear. You can find some items in his section here on the site.

From February 23rd to 25th, only in the atelier, you will be able to discover some exclusive garments, moreover, only for those days, it will be possible to buy them at a very advantageous price.

What's behind the creation of unique garments? Let's get to know Christine better

Have you always thought about being a stylist?

"The honest answer is no, I didn't always think I would become a stylist. I fondly remember that if as a child someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered "the one who cuddles cats", thinking that that was the job of the my grandmother.

I loved playing in her cookie tin boxes, filled with threads and buttons and knitting needles, opening her tissue drawer and gazing in admiration at these tiny bits of fabric, meticulously ironed, folded and split.

At home, every moment was good to take refuge among colored pencils, sheets of paper, clippings, scraps and when I could afford it, some nice tubes of oil paint and a blank canvas.

I discovered very early on that I was insatiably curious for experiences, any kind of art that freed my expressiveness. "

So when did you become a stylist?

"During university I worked and studied and my curiosity had become irrepressible.

I began to devote myself to all my passions : dance, singing, photography and pottery, catching trains and missing trains, escaping to the sea and baking cakes.

And as I studied to be a fashion designer, I struggled to remember exactly when I'd made that decision.

No, I don't think I ever really decided, it just happened, like many wonderful things that are still part of my life today."

christine and her bosses

And Christine Moreau? When was she born?

"I could say that Christine Moreau was born between her grandmother's dusty attic , fine art shops, fabric warehouses and some nice hardware stores. Inside a small suitcase and a one-way train ticket.

I have worked for many years as a consultant in various studios and companies alongside great masters. I have refined the technique and taste for shapes, colors and fabrics. Over time my various passions began to converge in a single direction, my projects became more and more material and articulated.

I felt the desire to draw with a needle and thread, to tear, brush, emboss, mend and stratify.

Between dreaming, constancy, determination, never feeling I had arrived, continuing to search and learn, I felt it was time to start something of my own. And so the Christine Moreau line was born."

Why instead the choice to make unique garments?

"The desire to make one-of-a-kind garments reflects our way of being: curious, experimental, instinctive and intuitive.

As in a painting, or even just a sketch, one Christine Moreau can never be the same as another . When I start working on a garment it usually never ends as I had imagined: as I put the pieces together, I start adding, layering elements and processes.

I want to think of my garments as far from the production cycle that leads people to excessive consumerism, to a standardization and flattening of taste and thought.

Why can't we wear garments like works of art? One garment for one and only woman . A garment that looks like you, that can express your character, your state of mind. Garments that don't age, that don't go out of fashion and that don't quickly become waste.

A utopian choice? Probably yes. An easy choice? Absolutely not. The creation of each piece takes time, inspiration and a long and painstaking work."

So what is fashion for you?

"To be honest, I don't know why, but the word fashion always has a slightly negative effect on me. In my view, "fashion", if we really want to call it that, should be the means to express oneself, in free and unregulated manner.

project book and kimono christine moreau

How would you describe your ideal client? Who are your unique garments for?

"The first two adjectives that come to mind are curious and attentive. Careful in choosing quality garments, attentive to the environment, to details, careful in asking questions. A woman who chooses a handcrafted product buys thousands of hours of experiments , trials and failures.

A sensitive and aware woman who is not just buying a product, but a piece of heart and soul.

I imagine my ideal client who is curious and dynamic, willing to experiment with her look in a passionate and unusual way in order to be able to express her personality through the chosen garment."

Let's go back to the event, how did you meet Cinzia and ZamaLabz?

"Like many things in life, I met Cinzia and ZamaLabz by chance or perhaps by fate. I found the platform very consistent in terms of the choice and proposal of the artists, where the value for craftsmanship is taken care of and expressed in every detail.

A platform, in my opinion, unique and this prompted me to collaborate with you."

One last curiosity: what does Christine like and dislike?

"I like:

The cats, the sweets, the train rides, the scent of the strawberries, the sound of the fabrics being torn, the hands in the clay, the hardware store, the fabric warehouses, the scent of the oil paints, the old trunks, receiving flowers, listening to people's stories, color shops, video projectors, untangling necklaces, setting the table and occasionally having a good cry.

I don't like:

crowded places, horror movies, ginger, people with loud voices, snakes, the thread that gets knotted, the slice of bread that always falls on the jam side, the pantyhose, the spool that ends up somewhere point from the end of the work, popcorn at the cinema.

Discover Christine Moreau's unique pieces.

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