3D Pet Portrait 30x45
3D Pet Portrait 30x45
3D Pet Portrait 30x45
3D Pet Portrait 30x45
3D Pet Portrait 30x45
3D Pet Portrait 30x45

Sergio Massetti

3D Pet Portrait 30x45

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Beautiful portrait of my pet made on paper in the artist's technique which, by superimposing layers, creates a 3D effect made even more evident by the effect of the cat's eyes which visually hook the viewer in progress with a nice Mona Lisa effect. Aesthetically beautiful, it can easily find a place in every home as a furnishing object. I really appreciated it.

Munny's owner

Frequent questions

The difference, as well as in size, lies in the artistic workmanship. The larger version is the result of processing a 2D digital file, reworked in 3D.

The smallest one, however, is obtained directly from the original photo.

Approximately ten working days from the arrival of the photo with the requested characteristics. It takes a little less for the small version than the large one.

For the large version you can also choose a different background. For both you can have frames in colors of your choice.

In addition to the color, you can customize the frame with the name of the pet portrayed.

It will be possible to see a PDF in 2D before moving on to three-dimensional processing.

For the large version, a medium/low resolution image is sufficient, while for the smaller one you would need a resolution of at least 150dpi with a base of at least 15cm.

The best photos are frontal and close-up. With these characteristics the "Mona Lisa" effect is more evident.

It is that optical illusion where the subject of the portrait "follows" that of the observer with his gaze.

It depends on the size and framing. In general it is better to choose a close-up.

Yes, but the more subjects portrayed, the less individual details are seen.

No, on the contrary. The more images you send, the easier it is to make the artist choose the one that guarantees a better result. Three photos among those preferred by the client are sufficient.

If there are problems with the photos you send we will contact you to find a solution.

Certain! The frame that frames it can be personalized with the name or left without additional graphics.

Other questions?

Contact us at info@zamalabz.com. We are here to help you