agnese granata che lavora con l'argilla


Ceramiche di Agne

The unpredictability of the "Raku Technique" means that every time the object is extracted from the sawdust and immersed in water, after the second cooking, there is never a shortage of surprises.

This fact together with the craftsmanship of the clay makes each object unique.

Agnese Granata

"I began to become passionate about ceramics in 2010. I created my first works under the guidance of Ornella Bernazzani from Lodi, learning the technique of working with terra cotta.

I subsequently deepened my knowledge of artistic ceramics by attending Tonino Negri's workshop.

In recent years I have mainly created objects with the Raku firing technique under the guidance and using the structures of Paolo Senesi.


Lodi, Italy

IG: @le_ceramiche_di_agne